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events overview
Evening Tour with Dinner Menu
An unforgettable evening in Ferropolis:
We warmly invite you in the Excavator City of Ferropolis to an Excavator City Three Course Menu with evening tour. The team of the Osteria in the Orangery welcomes you with a view of the Excavator City and culinary surprises.
Experience mining history through sounds and images with guest tour guide Martina Wormuth.

Admission:                             18.45
Begin (dinner):                       19:30
Excavator City Tour:             21:00 (ca.)
End:                                       22:00 (ca.)

Price: €59.00 (incl. three course menu with a welcome drink and evening tour)
Please reserve by calling this number: 034953-351 25 (Isa Feller)

dates 2020:
04.,09. and 25. april 2020
19. and 26. september 2020

26/06 - 28/06/2020Full Force Festival
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09/07 - 11/07/2020Splash! Festival 2020
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17/07 - 19/07/2020Melt! 2019

13/08 - 16/08/2020SoulX Festival 2020
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20/08 - 22/08/2020
Surrounded by thousands of spectators, over 80 national and international drift racing drivers compete against each other for an entire weekend in the monumental steel arena in Ferropolis. After a spectacular sundown showdown, the Iron Drift King 2019 will be crowned.

On the evening of this fireworks event it’s all about fire, laser light and music. Pyro games, a fireworks show that even puts New Year’s Eve in the shade, could be the crowning event of your summer.

This is an event for the entire family. Fireworks professionals awarded multiple prizes coming from all over Germany will enter into an exciting competition with each other.

Advance ticket sales have already started!» Tickets und mehr auf www.pyrogames.de