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Gremminer Lake

The restoration of the lake is nearly complete. The waters are being developed into a lake landscape with large parts reserved for tourism. Because of its scenic landscapes, in the coming years the lake will be made accessible for nature walks, overnight camping in the woods and pleasant boat trips.

The Blue Lake Co. (Blausee GmbH) is now creating a concept for leisure, sport and businesses around and on the water, in cooperation with Ferropolis among others. For example, one component of this concept is a dedicated tour boat on Gremminer Lake, the ‘Gremmina’. Plantations of quickly growing woody plants are planned for the area around the waste heaps, in order to metabolise matter and energy.

On the north shore of the lake heathland camps are to provide for people seeking relaxation. A marina is planned for the Ferropolis peninsula, and on the southwest shore a water-sports centre.

With a water area of 560 hectares, Gremminer Lake is by no means too small for active water-sports enthusiasts, once flooding of the pit is complete. Up to this point, almost 70 million cubic metres of water have been pumped into the pit. After large water areas had formed solely because of the rise of groundwater, the process was then accelerated by feeding water from the Mulde River 12.5 kilometres away via a conduit. The water level will initially be kept at 76.6 metres until the conclusion of the official approval process as per water control laws.

Inline skaters, as well as bicyclists and walkers really enjoy using the partially asphalted pathway running around the lake. Two swimming areas invite you to cool off on hot days.

Anglers and fishermen are already happy about the great increase in fish. Even during the initial flooding phase perch and rudd were already jumping in the lake, where they found new habitat.